XFactor . . .one of my favs . . .I can’t live without!

I want to share Anna’s pleximony with you all today!  I love my XFactor vitamins!  They are definitely one of my most favorite products because they are so amazing!  Even if you aren’t interested in any of the other amazing Plexus products . . .you should check out our XFactor vitamins!  I love, love , love them!  I have seen improvements with my nails, hair and skin, not to mention that I am no longer having to take iron and Vitamin C supplements (which my doctor insisted on).  XFactor vitamins ROCK!



Anna shares:
“This is personal for me. For years I have struggled with hair loss. I have literally tried EVERYTHING!! I tried Rogaine, Nioxin, Viviscal, every pill, vitamin, serum anything to make my hair grow back or at least quit falling out. Nothing worked. When I first started taking Plexus Slim I noticed a little bit of what felt like razor stubble on my head. I recently added Xfactor because I kept seeing all of these testimonies about xfactor helping make hair and nails grow. This is after one and half bottles of xfactor.
In the center of the back of my head you can see a patch of about inch long hair there sticking straight up, and some a little bit shorter hair to the right of that. I have patches like that all over my head. While I may never have super model hair, I at least don’t feel like I have to worry about how much of my scalp is showing and hearing people laugh and talk about me, right in front of me, and have complete strangers, customers and coworkers come up to me and say, ” Why is your hair so thin?” This past week, a lady in my bible study group said, ” I love your hair cut, it’s so cute on you!” I actually turned around to see who she was talking to that was standing behind me” as I was turning back around she touched my arm and said, “Amina, I like your hair!” I’m not even 100% sure I said thank you. I was so stunned. Then a few days later, a hair stylist and customer asked me what I was doing to my hair. She said she noticed a big change since the last time she had seen me. The other day the marketing director said, ” Cute hair cut! ” she was talking to me! It’s the same hair cut. Cut by the same person, I just have a little bit more to work with!! I can’t wait to see it in 6 months. If someone you know suffers from hair loss, maybe plexus can help them too!”

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Smack Dab In The Middle Of The Holidays!

Yep, the holidays have found us . . .seems like I am never as prepared as I want to be for the holidays!  Hope everyone survived Thanksgiving!  I ate way too much . . .but I am back on track today!  Thankful that I have my Plexus, it really does make it easier to get back on track!

This morning I had my ‘Pink Drink’ first thing,  then a yummy breakfast . . .yes, I get to eat with Plexus, that’s one of the things I love about Plexus . . . you don’t starve yourself, the ‘Pink Drink’ is not a meal replacement!  So, I had breakfast . . .then about 2 hours later I had my 2 BioCleanse capsules . . .then 2 hours later I had a nice lunch of Thanksgiving leftovers . . .and 2 hours later, 2 more BioCleanse capsules . . . and when I go to bed tonight I will take 3 ProBio5 capsules . . .pretty easy huh?

I have learned two big things with Plexus.  First of all, you have to be consistent!  You have to take the products, which makes total sense . . .I mean they can’t work if you don’t take them . . .so you have to take them, everyday!  And, second, you have to drink water . . .and I know some of you are going ugh at the mention of water . . .but water is so important!  Water does so many things for our bodies . . .and, you will find that once you are the products for a few days you will crave water!  I have never been a water drinker . . .but its pretty much all I drink now . . .sodas just don’t taste good anymore!

Anywho . . .I am back on track!  And, I’m not worried about gaining extra pounds during the holidays . . .I don’t have to worry . . .I have Plexus!

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Just a little about Plexus Slim


• Our products work with the body to help re-educate the body
• Slim is designed to help your body get to a healthy BMI (body mass index – % of body fat). Once you hit that BMI, it doesn’t burn tissue. It doesn’t make you lose weight that you don’t need to lose. It will help you maintain and keep you at a healthy BMI.
• The reason people lose at different rates: If you’ve been carrying around extra weight since your youth, your body thinks a 40% BMI is a natural healthy state. It takes our product a while to re-educate your body to say “No, that’s not a healthy body weight.” It’s what your body has become ACCUSTOMED to. If your body has been at that BMI for a while, it’ll take some time to re-educate.
• There are 3 types of weight gain:
1) Genetic
2) Stage or Plateau which is when you get older and gain, then gain more a few years later
3) Event – like a pregnancy or medication. Of these 3 types of weight gain, usually the “event” weight will come off easier. Plateau and genetic gains will usually have plateaus as you come down in losing. BE PATIENT. Some of our bodies are “slow learners” and everyone’s biochemistry/physiology is different. No two people will react the same when you introduce a supplement to the body.
*4 ingredients for heart health
4 ingredients for kidney and liver health
1 ingredient for gastrointestinal health
4 ingredients for antioxidant repair
1 ingredient to aid in blood pressure levels
5 ingredients to aid in cholesterol levels
4 ingredients to aid in triglyceride levels
4 ingredients to aid in weight loss
3 ingredients to help suppress appetite


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And here we go!

Yes, I have been away from my blog for awhile!  Some server issues caused me to lose all my former posts which really bummed me out to say the least . . .but I am not going to be defeated!  So, I will pick up and jump back into it!

For those of you who are looking for info about Plexus, you are in the right place!  I started using Plexus products last year in December of 2014.  I was one of those people who had tried tons of diet pills, shakes, meal plans, and other gimmicks, and of course none of them worked!  To be honest, I wasn’t expecting Plexus to be much different!

Plexus is not at all what I was expecting!  I ordered the TriPlex Combo, which I highly recommend to anyone who has struggled with losing weight or has a hard time sticking to a weight loss program!  Like I said, I had tried tons of things in the past with little to no success, and because I wasn’t seeing any results, I quickly lost interested and gave up.

So, I ordered the TriPlex Combo . . .and because Plexus has a 60 day money back guarantee I figured if it didn’t work that I could just get my money back!  I ordered my products and they arrived within just a couple of days.  One of the things that I love about Plexus is how easy it is to use!

Here is how I take my products:  “Pink Drink” first thing in the morning . . .wait about a half hour and then have breakfast . . .2 hours after breakfast, I take 2 BioCLeanse capsules with water. . . lunch around 1ish . . .2 hours later 2 more BioCleanse capsules . . .dinner around 5ish . . .and then at bedtime I take 3 Probio5 capsules.  That’s it!

Very easy and convenient . . .no shakes, no counting anything, no special meals . . .EASY!  And, you must drink water!  Water is soooo important!

So, here’s what happened to me . . .within the first few days I started noticing that my Mt. Dew just did not taste good anymore so I started drinking more water . . .I wasn’t waking up in the middle of the night and sneaking into the kitchen for a late night snack, I was sleeping the whole night thru . . .sweets weren’t tempting, and I started Plexus during the holiday season when sweets were everywhere!  After the first week, I jumped on the scales to see that I had lost 5lbs . . .not that impressive but still 5lbs . . .so I said what everyone is thinking . . . “Oh its just water weight” . . .but still 5lbs . . .so I decided I’d give it another week . . .the next week . . .I had lost another 5lbs . . . 10lbs in two weeks . . .and the thing is, I wasn’t miserable . . .I wasn’t even missing the Mt. Dew or the sweets, and I had energy, not that jittery energy that makes you crazy but normal energy, like I used to have when I was a little younger and more active!

I knew in my heart that Plexus really was different . . .and I made the decision to stick with it for at least another week or two . . .well, I have now been using Plexus for almost a year and I have lost 42lbs . . .and I feel good again!

Yes, I have had weeks when I didn’t lose anything . . .there were even weeks when I gained but I am 42lbs less than I was this time last year!  And, I am not done . . .I have had some major things happen in my life this past year . . .there were days and even some weeks when I didn’t use Plexus, but I always came back to it . . .because I could tell a difference in me when I wasn’t using the Plexus products.

Ok, please hear this . . .if you are looking for an overnight miracle, Plexus is probably not for you . . .but if you are serious about losing weight and getting healthier then you need to check out Plexus!  There is still a 60 day money back guarantee and for the rest of this month (November 2015) Plexus is offering free shipping!  This is a great time to give it a try!

I have a facebook page . . . Get Healthy With Leah . . .I’d love for you to join me there . . .I am there everyday and more than happy to answer any questions you have about Plexus . . .and I will be sharing product info, product testimonies, special offers and more.  If you need more info, you can message me there anytime . . .if you want support on your journey, I am there . . . if you just want to say hey, then pop in and say hey, I’d love to hear form you!